B&G Services is an establishment of professionalism and integrity. I had driven my 30’ Coachman all night. Landed in MD ~1AM and my generator died. I was their first customer there last Tuesday morning. The trouble shooting took little time. It was the starter cylinder and some wiring of my 4000 Orion Generator. The cost was under $200.00. It was worth it and the perks. I’m traveling with my family farm alone. My ducks were at ease and snacks for my sweet Sallie the pug. I’m new to RV living. I had to call back a few days later bc the generator stop working. I didn’t realize that at a .25 tank of gas, the generator will shut off. Pete at B&G Services was so thorough. He explained it was important to run the Coachman to charge batteries and to keep gas above the .25 line. So helpful. I’m so thankful. The front desk is very nice when you come through the door. The entire staff treats you like family. Really don’t want to move on. I trust B&G Services and if other repairs are needed; they are the type of establishment I want to be engaged with. Due diligence to the max !! Trustworthy.  –  D. Fischer